Dolores Smith vs. Fritz Urbanek and others

(First Published in the Ellsworth County Independent/
Reporter, December 24, 2015)


Dolores Smith    
vs.        CASE NO:  15-CV-55
Fritz J. Urbanek and Donna L. Urbanek, Trustees of the Fritz J. Urbanek Trust, Marilyn Gardinier, Norma Johannes, Carol Tanton, Dale Urbanek, Donald Urbanek, Nancy Sawyer, Lori Foster, Terry Foster, Randall Foster, Janet Wallace, Elmer Svaty, Doris Cooper, Gary Belt, Judy Thompson, Earl Belt, Tim Belt, Shirley Leach, Martha Bell, Dennis Black, Pat Harrison, Larry Eatherton, Maureen Adams, Bobby Eatherton, Valaurie L. Horejsi, Barbara L. Horesji, Harold A. Stoltenberg, Olen F. Svoboda Jr. and Florence M. Svoboda and the unknown heirs, executors, administrators, devisees, trustees, creditors and assigns of any deceased defendants; the unknown spouses of any defendants; the unknown officers, successors, trustees, creditors and assigns of any defendants that are existing, dissolved or dormant corporations; the unknown executors, administrators, devisees, trustees, creditors, successors and assigns of any defendants that are or were partners or in partnership; the unknown guardians, conservators and trustees of any defendants that are minors or are under any legal disability; and the unknown heirs, executors, administrators, devisees, trustees, creditors and assigns of any person alleged to be deceased.
(Pursuant to K.S.A. Chapter 60)

You are notified that a Petition for Quiet Title and Partition Real Estate has been filed in Ellsworth County District Court by Dolores Smith praying for title to be quieted and sold in favor of the petitioner in and to the East Half of the Southwest Quarter (E/2 SW/4) of Section Seventeen (17), Township Sixteen (16), Range Ten (10) West of the 6th PM in Ellsworth County, Kansas and you are hereby required to plead to the petition for quiet title on or before February 4, 2016, in the District Court at Ellsworth, Kansas. If you fail to plead, judgment will be entered upon the petition.

Dolores Smith

Gregory R. Hoffman, SC#12212
of Sherman, Hoffman & Hipp, LC
126 N. Douglas, P.O. Box 83
Ellsworth, Kansas 67439-0083
Attorneys for Plaintiff

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