KHP vs. $11,727 in U.S. Currency

(First Published in the Ellsworth County Independent/
Reporter, January 21, 2016)

v.        Case No.  16 CV 2
$11,727.00 IN U.S. CURRENCY, M/L;

Pursuant to the Kansas Standard Asset Seizure
and Forfeiture Act,
K.S.A. 60-4101 et seq.               

Pursuant to K.S.A. 60-4109

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that property herein described has been seized for forfeiture and is pending forfeiture to the Kansas Highway Patrol pursuant to the Kansas Standard Asset Seizure and Forfeiture Act (KSASFA), K.S.A. 60-4101 et seq.  If you have not previously received a Notice of Seizure for Forfeiture, this is notice pursuant to the Act. The property was seized by the Kansas Highway Patrol on December 10, 2015, on I-70 at milepost 223, in Ellsworth County, Kansas.  The value of the property has been set at $11,727.00.  The conduct giving rise to forfeiture and/or the violation of law alleged is: the property is the proceeds of, and/or was used or intended to be used to facilitate, and/or was furnished or was intended to be furnished in an exchange in, conduct giving rise to forfeiture.  
Should you believe you have a true ownership interest in the seized property, you may do either of the following; (1) File a verified claim with the Court, sending copies to the Plaintiff’s Attorney and the Seizing Agency; or (2) Do nothing.
You may also wish to consult with an attorney before deciding what is best for you. However, if no valid claim is timely filed within thirty (30) days of your service of this Notice, your interest in the seized property, if any, will be forfeited. Any claim shall comply with the strict requirements of true ownership documentation, as set out in K.S.A. 60-4111.
You should be aware that it is a crime to falsely allege an ownership interest in property or to provide other false information in a claim. Further, pursuant to K.S.A. 60-4116(f), a claimant who fails to establish that a substantial portion of the claimant’s interest is exempt from forfeiture may be responsible to pay the reasonable costs, expenses and attorney fees of other claimants and the State.
This Notice seeks claims to the seized property only. Should a valid claim(s) be timely filed, as may be determined by the Court upon motion of the State, the State will respond with a judicial petition for forfeiture, and this matter will proceed to trial.
The law enforcement agency’s copy of your claim should be mailed to:
    Lt. Brent Hogelin,
    KHP, 122 SW 7th St.,
    Topeka, Kansas 66603.
The original claim for the Court should be mailed to:
    Clerk of the Ellsworth County District Court,
    210 N. Kansas Avenue, #4,
    Ellsworth, KS 67439-3110.

Issued this 12th day of January, 2016.

Sarah E. Washburn #24687
Legal Counsel/Kansas Highway Patrol
Special Assistant Attorney General
122 S.W. 7th Street
Topeka, Kansas 66603-3847
(785) 296-6800
(785) 296-1790 Fax

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